Richard Cho.

Managing Director.
Hanwha Defense Australia.

Richard Cho is the Managing Director of Hanwha Defense Australia (HDA) and is responsible for all of the activities and operational performance of Hanwha Defense Australia including L400 PHASE 3 and L8116 programs. He joined Hanwha Defense Company in 2014 and has been the pioneer for Hanwha’s market development in Europe with successful contract awards in Poland, Norway, Finland, and Estonia. 
With Mr. Cho’s broad network covering government authorities, defence forces, and local industry in the European market, Mr. Cho was involved with the successful export activities of K9 Self-propelled Howitzer.

Prior to joining Hanwha, Mr. Cho has worked with Australian Defence Forces (ADF) in various programs since 1980s and had been instrumental to success of South Korean provision of defence related products to Australia and New Zealand.

Mr. Cho is an Australian citizen with in depth knowledge of international defence business.  Graduated with the Bachelor degree in Commerce from New Castle University in NSW Australia, commenced work with defence related company in Australia specialising on Government relations and Bid management.