Peter Griffiths.

Global Head of Defence and National Security.

Peter Griffiths is the Global Head of Defence and National Security for KPMG, a well established and highly collaborative international leader, with a strong delivery record. Prior to his recent appointment to this role, Peter led the Australian Defence and Defence Industry sector, where his strong leadership saw significant growth in D&DI and the successful establishment of the Australian National Security & Justice sector. Additionally Peter was a member of the KPMG Australia Board from 2016 to 2021.
Peter is a highly respected management advisor in strategic planning, enterprise and supply chain planning, management and execution, leadership, project management and applied technologies. He has led delivery of service offerings in key Australian and global clients, leveraging his military and industrial experience in business planning, operations, maintenance, logistics, and technology over the past 20 years. He has led a number of major logistics focused transformation projects both in industry and within Defence, including work for Support Command Australia, US Army Transformation Program, Future Land Material Maintenance System (Au) and the Defence Logistics Transformation Program (Au).