Richard Franklin.

Managing Director of Airbus Defence & Space Ltd.
Airbus Defence and Space as Head of Secure Communications (SC).

Richard is the Managing Director of Airbus Defence & Space Ltd and the UK’s senior operational lead in Connected Intelligence and Security, Airbus Defence and Space as Head of Secure Communications (SC).

Connected Intelligence manages a portfolio of solutions, and services in the areas of Secure Communications, Intelligence, Cyber and Security solutions. This includes programmes such as Skynet Satellite Communications PFI and Skynet 6A for the UK MOD. Within Europe, this includes similar programmes for the French and German defence organisations.

SC, with a revenue of c€900m, is one of the world’s leading providers of managed secure communications, responsible for their customers’ time -and mission-critical communications’ and managing everything from network operations to in-theatre support services and training.

The business is increasingly focused on enabling ubiquitous connectivity in challenged environments whether in space, air, at sea or on the land. Delivery of the Secure Multi Domain Combat Cloud is now possible and we will support our Customers in its adoption and operation. With significant investment in laser communications and airborne networking we will support the major European and UK future combat air platform connectivity needs.

Prior to Airbus, Richard came from a Government outsourcing and international Telecoms environment