General FAQs

Who will attend the PFF Summit 2021?

Since its inception the Forum has brought together senior decision makers and distinguished thought leaders from around the world. Previous delegates include heads of state, ministers, military and diplomatic leaders, and high-ranking representatives from industry, academia, and the media.


What do I need to do after I have registered?

All registrations go to the PFF team for approval. You will then receive an email with the outcome of your registration.

What if I have forgotten my password?

On the Log In page click ‘Forgot password’ to create a new one.


Virtual FAQs

Will the content be live?

The majority of the content will be live. There will be the opportunity to interact and engage with other attendees and Forum speakers through live Q & A.


What will happen on the live event days?

In the run up to the event on you can reserve seats on sessions to guarantee admission to the sessions you wish to attend.

Will I be able to view recordings of the sessions?

Most of the content will be uploaded to the Digital Platform after each session. 

What should I do if I am having technical difficulties?

You can contact us on

How to guides

How do I register to the platform?
  • Register online
  • Your registration will be reviewed
  • Once approved you will receive a confirmation email


How to create My Account?
  1. On the home page go to ‘My Account’ and Log in using  the email and password you used to register
  2. Personalise your account by adding your photo, personal details , your bio etc. to increase networking opportunities at the Summit


How do I Network and schedule 1-2-1 Meetings?
  1. Log in to your Account and click on ‘Attendees’ 
  2. Here you can search for people / companies you wish to connect with
  3. Click on their profile and you can select to send a message or set up a video meeting


How do I request a meeting with another attendee?
  1. Once you have found an attendee you wish to connect with, click on their profile
  2. From here there is an option to create a meeting. Simply fill in the boxes to request a meeting
  3. An email will be sent to all participants of the meeting once it is set up and a reminder will be sent 10minutes prior to the start of the meeting
  4. Your meeting will appear in your personal calendar in ‘Online Meetings’  
How do I reserve a seat for a session?

Click ‘Programme' on the top banner and select 'Agenda’ in the drop down box then scroll down the page to ‘Connect Events’ and ‘PFF Summit’

 Connect Events

These are pre -summit virtual events delivered in collaboration with Strategic Partners 

  1. Click on each date to see more detail about each session
  2. To attend one or more session, click ‘Reserve a seat’
  3. If you change your mind click ‘Cancel reservation’
  4. Your selected sessions will appear in ‘My Schedule’

PFF Summit

You can reserve a seat for Partner Spotlight Sessions and LAB sessions. All other sessions are live from the Main Stage with unlimited capacity and there is no need to reserve a seat.

  1. To reserve a seat for a PFF Spotlight Session, go to Wednesday 20th October; there are multiple sessions to chose from and you can attend one event per session
  2. To ‘Reserve a seat’ at a PFF LAB session, go to Thursday 21st October
  3. Please remember some sessions may have limited seats, and so if you change your mind please cancel your reservation to free up space
How do I watch the Main Stage live sessions?
  1. You can watch all live content via ‘My Schedule’
  2. For PFF Connect, PFF Spotlight and PFF Lab Sessions we recommend you reserve a seat to avoid disappointment
  3. To view live sessions, got to ‘My Schedule’ and click ‘Watch session’